Veterans Matters/No Veteran Should Be Homeless

It's the least we can do for those who gave the most. Let's bring our HEROES home for GOOD. 

39,471 homeless veterans are living on the streets of our nation. Streets where they are being beaten, robbed, even killed. . Veterans Matter is leading an innovative collaboration which is integrating technology and housing across diverse communities, allowing veterans to rapidly connect to medical, mental health and employment assistance provided by the VA. This collaborative effort has resulted in strong, evidence-based outcomes for our heroes in need, returning over 1,200 veterans to self-sufficiency and financial stability.The Need: We go where needed most. We find the most neglected veterans in the most neglected areas with over 1,200 veterans now housed in 12 states. Our supporters are now raising money and awareness to house 2,000 more veterans this year. Join us! If you feel called to help homeless veterans you can become a voice for them by clicking here, or donate to get them housed by clicking here. We take care of our own. .

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